What I Do

"You will never have this day with your children again.

Tomorrow they'll be a little older than they were today. 

This day is a gift. 

Breathe and notice. Smell and touch them. 

Study their faces and little feet and pay attention. 


It will be over before you know it."   

-Jen Hatmaker-


When I read this piece five years ago it brought tears to my eyes. My eldest son is now in Year I. I cannot believe five years have gone by so fast.  Everyone said it would happen, but I didn't believe it.

Children are the greatest gift from God and I'm lucky to spend a lot of time with my boys, kissing and hugging them. Memories are made of theses special moments and I will help you preserve these precious moments...freeze them in time.... to treasure them...forever.

Someday, your children will look at these photos of you and them together and they will certainly not dwell on that day’s hair debacle, or the make-up you totally forgot about nor those few pounds too many.... instead, what they will see is your joyful smile, your tenderness and the happiness you experience while hugging and kissing them.... what they will see is your love for them perpetuated in time… in that single shot.

I love what I do and try to convey that in every picture I take.  My style is very natural, relaxed, and spontaneous.  During your photo session you will have time to play, tell a few jokes, tickle each other and snuggle up to your child while I try to capture that playful time and transform it into art for your home.  The idea is for you to leave the session with unique memories turned into photos that will you cherish forever.